Monday, 17 April 2017

My Sassy New Headphones

Hi Angels,

I hope you all had a fab Easter, and consumed a ridiculous amount of chocolate, like I did..

I wanted to show you my sassy new headphones from Sudio Sweden, they are cordless which is super stylish. They work via Bluetooth, and come in a variety of colours and styles, I am obsessed.
I chose my headphones in rose gold, as I wanted to mix it up for a change and move away from silver, I am so glad I did as I absolutely love them.

Make sure you check Sudio Sweden out, you can even use my discount code 'lifeinthefashlane15' for 15% off too.


Monday, 3 April 2017

My Love Of Biologique Recherche

Before Biologique Recherch√© was my skin saviour, I felt as though I was forever searching for the perfect skincare range and products, I was always so dubious about high street brands, and the ingredients included in their products. Take it from me, I had tried and tested most products on the market, I just never found a product which worked well with my super sensitive skin. After copious amounts of online research, I found that most skincare brands I had been using contained ingredients which were actually drying out my skin and that the perfume only worsened my sensitive skin. Spending time researching the ingredients which were in the products I was using, had really opened my eyes into what the consumer was being sold, and unfortunately it was really disappointing. 

After further research, I kept seeing the name Biologique Recherche appearing in forums and blogs, so I had a look into the company and their products. From the research I had done it was clear that the Biologique Recherche had a reputation for effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated and raw ingredients. After much research I was really excited to buy some BR products, starting with their best selling product Lotion P50w. 

Lotion P50w claims to be a magic potion that does it all. Exfoliates, Hydrates, and Balances the pH of the skin, and I must say after 6 weeks of using this product, that claim was not a lie. 

My skin has completely changed since using this product. It is no longer inflamed, dry or super sensitive, instead it's glowing and healthy looking, all of my family and friends are complimenting me on my skin, which has been a real confidence booster. The overall appearance of my skin has improved,  no longer does my skin/acne look inflamed or painful. I really couldn't recommend this product enough. 

P50w really has lived up to it's reputation, with many users claiming that it's the best product of all time, I can most definitely say now, that after using the product, that I could most certainly, not live without it. 

The Ingredients which wooed me:
  • Lactic acid- Which is a powerful ingredient that helps reduce acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It is also hydrating and suitable for skins that are sensitive and prone to irritations.

  • Citric acid- Which is anti-ageing, brightening and increases epidermal thickness.

  • Gluconic acid which is also known as gluconolactone, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions while possessing exfoliating properties.

How I use Lotion P50W:
  • Firstly I use a cleanser to remove make up with a cotton pad.
  • Once dry, I then apply a few drops of Lotion P50W to a dry cotton pad.
  • I apply this to my face and neck (avoid rubbing the product in), instead I dab the cotton pad over the face and neck.

Click on the link below, to read more on my holy grail product.

Continue reading, to see what other BR products I tried out, and what I thought..

Biologique Recherche Serum Complexe Iribiol is a great balancing which is made with Iris and Zinc extracts for customized treatment of skin imperfections. It is recommended for skin imperfections, acne prone skin. I have found that the product works really well with Lotion P50, or if/when I have had a spot breakout. This product literally works miracles overnight, I apply a drop of it onto the spot, and by the morning the spot has almost gone. It is my go-to on the spot product. I would recommend this product if you have acne, or for skin during periods of stress, hormonal upheavals or for areas of congested oily skin. 

Biologique Recherche Lait VIP O2 is an "antipollution" cleanser which eliminates impurities, and brightens your complexion. What I really like about this product is that it's not drying and has definitely balanced my distressed skin. I would recommend this  product if you suffer from distressed, dry and unbalanced skin. It has definitely made my skin feel smoother too, which is a bonus. 

I was fortunate enough to try out some samples from BR. I have tried and tested them all, of course they all are great for different skin issues and work brilliantly,  however out of the above products, there was one product which really stood out from the rest. That product was called Masque Vivant. 

Masque Vivant is a balancing mask, it contains high concentrations of Yeast, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel extracts, which are renowned for their skin purifying properties, there really is no product like it, It has really has revitalized my skin, which now looks brighter and more healthier. I have to admit, it doesn't smell great, however please don't let this deter you from the mask, as it's definitely worth the 10-20 minutes wait, as the results are incredible. 

I use this after using my Lotion P50w, leaving it on for 10-20 minutes, washing it off and using a hydrating serum afterwards. 

I have been using this mask twice a week and have already seen great results in my skin. 

All in all, I have definitely seen a fantastic difference in my skin since using BR. It's softer, brighter and less spotty. I feel more confident wearing small amounts of make up, as I don't feel as thought my skin looks inflamed or dry. I couldn't recommend these products enough, its really important to invest in your skin, and these products are defiantly a great investment into getting the best out of your skin. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Date Night At Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter has just recently opened in Bristol, and all I have heard was great things about it.

So of course being such a foodie, I just had to try it out. 

Me, my boyfriend, my sister & her partner made a reservation for Friday night. 

As soon as we arrived to the front of house, you could tell that the experience was going to be great, we were greeted with a very warm welcome and were taken to our table. The design and interior of the restaurant was very impressive. Being such an interior fan, I was in my element. Its situated in Cribbs Causeway, in a converted barn, they have kept a lot of the original features, however they added their own spin on it. 

We looked at the menu and we couldn't wait to order. To whittle it down to just 1 dish each was the hard part, I wanted everything. I finally opted for the shared platter, which consisted of bresaola, olives, spinach & feta burkes, humous the list went on, i'd heard about their cheesy garlic bread so we ordered that too. It was all so delicious and was presented so nicely too. If there is one thing that I appreciate then it is good presentation, and Miller & Carter exceeded at this. 

For mains, we all went for a bit of a mix, we had rib eye steak, steak burger & a full rack of ribs. We added sweet potato fries of course, the steak was (quoting my brother in law) the best thing he has ever tasted. It got to the point were none of us were talking as we had all ran out of words to describe how delicious it was. The portion sizes were so generous too. Again the presentation was 10/10. 

For my favourite bit... desert. We opted for cookies & ice cream, and brownies. The ice cream was vanilla bean ice cream, and it was certainly the best I had ever tasted, and thats quite the statement coming from such an ice cream lover. There was so much choice, it was so difficult to pick, but I was so happy with my picks. 

All in all, I couldn't recommend Miller & Carter enough, they don't just have one in Bristol, they have one in Bath, Birmingham and other locations, so to be sure to check them out. I recently visited The Ivy, and I must say the opulent experience was on par, however the service at Miller & Carter was far better. The staff were incredibly attentive and friendly.  It really was the perfect date night. If you need somewhere to eat for Valentines, then you HAVE to try out Miller & Carter. 

I took over their Instagram that evening, which I really enjoyed too, however I found it such a struggle to not photograph everything there, it was all just so Instagrammable. I will 100% be returning.

Thank Miller & Carter 


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Perfect Lunch Date At Browns

If you follow me on Instagram @lifeinthefashlane_ then you will know that I am SUCH a foodie! 

I have a serious obsession with anything food related. 

I was asked by the lovely Scarlett to review Browns in Bristol, Clifton. So of course I jumped at the chance to. They have recently gone under a refurb & had a delicious new menu to try out. 

I took my fellow foodie with me... My boyfriend. 

Browns for any of you who live in Bristol is based on the top of Park Street, next to the Bristol Museum. So the location is perfect. 

We didn't do starters, as we just wanted to dive straight in, I ordered Fish & Chips, and Tom ordered, Lamb with a Shepherds Pie, and OH EM GEE I had serious food envy when I seen it arrive, it looked amazing! He kindly let me try some, and it was so tasty. However not to take the shine off of the Fish & Chips that I ordered, which I must say were so yummy. The fish tasted so fresh, and the batter was not too heavy, and it was just the right amount. 

In between mains & desert, I ordered a fresh fruit smoothie (food balance and all that), which was so refreshing, and made me justify the scrumptious desert I had just ordered. 

Which was called a "Trio Of Chocolate", and seriously it was amazing, in the little pot was pure melted white chocolate, it also came with a melt in the middle cake and ice cream. I sampled Toms chocolate tart which was also so yummy, he is not a desert person but he said it was the best he has had. 

All in all I  loved my first experience at Browns, the front of house and waiters were so attentive and helpful, plus thy were really knowledgeable of all of the dishes, which I liked. The restaurant itself had a sense of opulent decor about it, it was stunning. If you are looking for somewhere for Valentines or a date night meal, I couldn't recommend it enough. If your looking for somewhere more special than the local restaurant this place is for you. 

Browns Restaurant

Love Georgia 

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Turtle Bay - Bath

I was kindly invited to review Turtle Bay bath, being such a foodie I just couldn't resist. 

Bath is such a lovely city, and is only a 30 minute drive. A great excuse to shop and eat some delish food.

I took my boyfriend with me, as he is massively into caribbean food. 

For starters we opted for a shared platter, which included jerk chicken/ Garlic flat bread/ samosa. It was all so yummy, it was hard not to eat it all, as we had 2 courses to go. 

In between I had a fruit berry smoothie, which was so refreshing. (So much so I had 2... oops).

For main, I had a pulled pork burger, and Tom had Jerk chicken, rice & peas which he enjoyed. 

For desert, I had the yummiest dark chocolate brownies. I managed to eat every single one, they were amazing. 

The decor in the restaurant was so cool, it felt as though you were outside but in, if that makes any sense. They had a beach cafe feel about it. The atmosphere was really chilled, and the lady who served us was super friendly. I couldn't recommend it enough, if you like flavourful food, this is the place for you, they have so much variety, it was so difficult to pick. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Enchanted Christmas At Westonbirt Arboretum

The lovely Emily at Westonbirt Arboretum invited me and 3 guests to visit their Enchanted Christmas.

I am already such a fan of Westonbirt, and visited it abut 2 months ago. They have thousands upon thousands of different trees, some are just so pretty, the whole place is just so Instagrammable. It is the perfect place to take a morning or afternoon stroll, enjoying the nature in it's glory. 

At Christmas time they open on weekends, where you can visit there "Enchanted Christmas'. They light up there trees with different types of lights and sparkle. My pictures really don't do it justice, they have disco balls lighting up some, as well as a wide variety of "get involved" lights. One of my favourites, was that you had to sing into a microphone, and the tree would light up, another was that you could project your face on the trees, which was so cool. They also had lots of activities, such as a tree decoration station, visit Father Christmas, Story Telling, Christmas Choir as well as lots of different food stalls. 

If you do go, make sure you book in advance as it sells out quickly, I really enjoyed my visit, and made sure that I wrapped up warm as it was FREEZING! 

If you need to get in the Christmas mood, then this is the place for you. 

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