Thursday, 29 December 2016

Turtle Bay - Bath

I was kindly invited to review Turtle Bay bath, being such a foodie I just couldn't resist. 

Bath is such a lovely city, and is only a 30 minute drive. A great excuse to shop and eat some delish food.

I took my boyfriend with me, as he is massively into caribbean food. 

For starters we opted for a shared platter, which included jerk chicken/ Garlic flat bread/ samosa. It was all so yummy, it was hard not to eat it all, as we had 2 courses to go. 

In between I had a fruit berry smoothie, which was so refreshing. (So much so I had 2... oops).

For main, I had a pulled pork burger, and Tom had Jerk chicken, rice & peas which he enjoyed. 

For desert, I had the yummiest dark chocolate brownies. I managed to eat every single one, they were amazing. 

The decor in the restaurant was so cool, it felt as though you were outside but in, if that makes any sense. They had a beach cafe feel about it. The atmosphere was really chilled, and the lady who served us was super friendly. I couldn't recommend it enough, if you like flavourful food, this is the place for you, they have so much variety, it was so difficult to pick. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Enchanted Christmas At Westonbirt Arboretum

The lovely Emily at Westonbirt Arboretum invited me and 3 guests to visit their Enchanted Christmas.

I am already such a fan of Westonbirt, and visited it abut 2 months ago. They have thousands upon thousands of different trees, some are just so pretty, the whole place is just so Instagrammable. It is the perfect place to take a morning or afternoon stroll, enjoying the nature in it's glory. 

At Christmas time they open on weekends, where you can visit there "Enchanted Christmas'. They light up there trees with different types of lights and sparkle. My pictures really don't do it justice, they have disco balls lighting up some, as well as a wide variety of "get involved" lights. One of my favourites, was that you had to sing into a microphone, and the tree would light up, another was that you could project your face on the trees, which was so cool. They also had lots of activities, such as a tree decoration station, visit Father Christmas, Story Telling, Christmas Choir as well as lots of different food stalls. 

If you do go, make sure you book in advance as it sells out quickly, I really enjoyed my visit, and made sure that I wrapped up warm as it was FREEZING! 

If you need to get in the Christmas mood, then this is the place for you. 


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Interior Goals


My Love Affair With The White Company

My  obsession with The White Company only started 4 months ago, and oh boy do I love it. It was at my best friends wedding, that she was using their Flowers Hand Cream, I don't usually like perfumed products, however the smell was so refreshing and incredible. I just had to have it. 

So I popped into my Local store, and came out with their hand cream & candle. And that's where it started, I know have their diffuser, candles, hand cream, body lotion & perfume. The candles look so perfect on my shelf, they fit in perfectly. 



My Skin Problems & I

I've always had relatively good skin, I never sleep in my make up and I cleanse & moisturise every day. However about 8 months ago, my skin was in the worse condition it had ever been in. I was suffering from really bad acne and spots, it got so bad that I became very concious of it. People started to comment on my face which made things worse, and I had really low self esteem because of it. I would wear make up to try and cover it, however it just made things worse. I was wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear at the time, and it was just blocking all pores. 

I read up on a lot of forums, to see if there was a cure, I changed my diet, I drank water, I cut out all chocolate (which was really hard) but nothing was working. It was by chance that I read up on Lush's product Tea Tree Toner Water & Grease Lightening. I immediately purchased them, I cleansed my face with the Tea Tree Water, I then put a slight bit of the Grease Lightening Gel on my bad area. By the next morning, it was if it was a miracle, my skin wasn't so inflamed, my spots had almost disappeared. I used the items for the next 4 weeks, and my skin went back to what it had been previously. I changed my foundation to something lighter, which is called Nars - All Day Luminous, and I must say, my skin has never felt better. 

It has been a few months since I started using the products, I have weened myself off of them, as I didn't want my skin to be used to them. So I now only use the Lush products on occasions, however they have saved my skin. 

This is in no way a sponsored post, I just wanted to help anyone out there with the same skin issue that I had.



Valentino On An Asos Budget

I have been obsessed with the Valentino Rossi's for ever, I thought about buying them over and over again, however I have heard mixed reviews on them and their comfiness. For me if I make a big shoe purchase, then comfort is key. I put the idea aside until I saw a fellow blogger wearing them, I fell in love with them all over again, I was even more surprised when I read that they were Asos.... yes Asos, and even better they were £28. 

I didn't hesitate and I bought them right away. However when they arrived, they were huge. I am normally a 6, however these were massive. So I bought a 4 and a 5 and the 5 were perfect, so definitely size down. 

On first wear they are the most uncomfiest things to wear, however now I have worn them in I love them. I am stud obsessed so they were so perfect for me. 


My Love Of All Things Leopard

I have always been a black & white kinda girl, I really struggle to add colour & prints into my wardrobe, as I like my monochrome comforts.

However (thanks to Zara) I have been converted... (slightly) I now have not one, not two, but three, yes three items of leopard print in my collection now. It all started off when I seen the Zara printed biker jacket, I love biker jackets period and this one didn't look so Bet Lynch, so I bought it. And me being me, thats when the obsession with leopard started, a few weeks on I have 3 pieces and I am sure that there are plenty more to come. 

One of my favourites is my "bargain of the year" Primark Leopard Coat, firstly it was £25, yes £25 and secondly, it just goes with everything, from a rock tee to a white shirt, it's just so versatile. The quality of the jacket to is amazing, I get compliments about it all the time, and people can't believe that it's Primark. 


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